Insiya Dhatt’s photographic investigations of the private/public self in the urban environment take us far from the stereotypes associated with contemporary New York.  Characters exist freely in space, seemingly untethered to obligations or technology---a rare sight in today’s public spheres.  The viewer is left to imagine the narrative from out of which these protagonists have come to exist.

Insiya draws inspiration from both her birthplace in the desert of Rajasthan and the intensity of her hometown Mumbai.  After receiving her Masters in Banking and Economy, she spent 15 years shaping the face of eCommerce.  During the following years, she left her position in the dot-com world to devote herself entirely to photography.  She has studied under the mentorship of acclaimed photographer Jade Doskow.

In addition, she currently serves as a Board Member at BaxterSt at Camera Club of New York. 

Insiya, Brian and their dog Iris recently moved back to San Francisco after spending eight years in New York City.

Insiya Dhatt

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