Artist Books


Illusions is an accordion book with eight laser-cut optical illusions with a single word opposite each optical illusion. Words like Balance, Boundaries, Safety, Stability, Worth, Control and Peace juxtapose the optical illusions.  In my own life I created the illusion of strength for my family while I struggled internally in my life in the West.


Beauty comes in many forms, for me repetition of shapes always brought serenity. There are four versions of the pattern books each have their own intention, colors and papers.   

WE ARE ALL MAD HERE   2018-2019

Who hasn't found themselves falling through the same hole over and over again. We Are All Mad Here is a book and sculpture with the four stories of Alice in Wonderful. Each side opens to a meandering fold book which narrates the story but folds into a full scene.

FLIP BOOKS 2017-2018

Immersed in technology, this set of books is a reminder of how motion graphics started by flipping pages. I have taken various shapes and used the old method of flip books to make movements we are used to seeing online - whether its gifs or the rotating circle whilst we wait. 

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