The Heart Longs

The Heart Longs is a handmade book with interleaving pages, the left side is comprised of Islamic interlaced symmetrical patterns featuring the 8-pointed star and the opposing side features the ghazal (sonnet) “Dil Dhadakne Ka Sabab Yaad Aaya” by the late Pakistani poet Nazir Kazmi. 

This particular work is an interpretation of my experiences growing up as a Muslim girl in India. To escape Mumbai during summer, my family spent most of our summer vacations visiting hundreds of mosques that were full of intricate Islamic tiles of bright and vivid colors. Entry to these tranquil mosques required women to be covered by the burqa with our sight obscured and bodies hidden. The book’s structure is to simulate that experience of being restricted and yet at the same time exposed to such wondrous beauty. The ghazal I chose, essentially a poem expressing longing for a time (or person) that was no longer part of the present, mirrors the feelings I have towards the life I left behind. These memories are bittersweet and warm but are always interleaved with the pain of being hidden and lesser as a woman.


Illusions examines the reality or elusiveness of basic qualities of life. By obscuring desirable qualities of life and placing them opposite optical illusions, Illusions demonstrates the varying internal and external views of one’s foundational needs. From a distance the book can be viewed as visually stimulating yet closer up the picture is more nuanced.

Study In Patterns Series

Study In Patterns records the technicolor view of the artist’s memory from childhood. Traveling in the Indian countryside from temples to mosques to burial sites, the tactile designs inherent to the architecture become respite to the reality of the journey in the summer heat. Study In Patterns captures the mind’s optimistic eye towards memory and serenity with repeated complex colors and shapes. Within the series each book has its own intention and purpose.

Alice In Wonderland

Other Books

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